Tom H.

Tutor for more than 6 yrs. & Expert in Math and Physics.

About Tutor: Tom H…..

Hey, I’m Tom. I was raised with basic values yet I have always been inquisitive. Life has only taught me one thing: to dream big and believe that everything is achievable with hard work. When I was offered a spot at my institute as one of 156 students from throughout the country who will be studying here, I was thrilled. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to study Aerospace Engineering. It was always an impossible fantasy. However, the desire has now come true.

Tutoring Subjects

Math Tutor, Differential Equations Tutor, Partial Differential Equations Tutor, Algebra Tutor, Statistics Tutor, Calculus Tutor, LaTeX Tutor, Numerical Analysis Tutor, Set Theory Tutor, Basic Math Tutor, Pre-Algebra Tutor, Geometry Tutor, Trigonometry Tutor, Pre-Calculus Tutor, Applied Mathematics Tutor, Linear Algebra Tutor, Science Tutor, Physics Tutor, Materials Science Tutor, Basic Chemistry Tutor, Physical Chemistry Tutor, Physics (Electricity and Magnetism) Tutor, Physics (Fluid Mechanics) Tutor, Physics (Heat Transfer) Tutor, Physics (Newtonian Mechanics) Tutor, Physics (Thermodynamics) Tutor, Physics (Waves and Optics) Tutor.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s Degree 
2013 – 2017

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