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I have been a math and science teacher for 18 years. I started my career in 2001 at a small charter school in Hawaii (West Hawaii Explorations Academy). I developed a passion for education while using a unique project based learning curriculum. I have also taught middle school math and science in Texas and North Dakota. I was born in Missouri and I went to college in Santa Cruz, California. I know what it is like to move around and have to find your footing in a new place. I became a teacher because I love science and wanted to help other kids who sometimes struggle. I earned a degree in molecular biology before I started teaching. However, I understand what it is like to struggle with math because I had difficulty with it when I was younger. I was able to overcome that challenge and I became passionate about math. I became a teacher so I could help other kids who sometimes struggle.

Tutoring Subjects

I can tutor: ACT Writing Tutor, AP Biology Tutor, AP Calculus AB Tutor, AP Calculus BC Tutor, Accounting Tutor, Algebra Tutor, Artificial Intelligence Tutor, Biology Tutor, Business Tutor, Business English Tutor, Calculus Tutor, Chemical Tutor, Chemistry Tutor, Computational Finance Tutor, Computational Statistics Tutor, Computer Architecture Tutor, Computer Engineering Tutor, Computer Sciences Tutor, Computer Vision Tutor, Control Engineering Tutor, Control Systems Tutor, Control Systems Engineering Tutor, Economic Tutor, Economics Tutor, Electrical Engineering Tutor, Electromagnetism Tutor, Electronic Tutor, Essay Writing Tutor, Finance Tutor, GMAT – Business School Tutor, GRE – Graduate School Tutor, Geometry Tutor, IB Computer Science Tutor, IB Mathematics Tutor, IB Physics Tutor, IB Science Tutor, IELTS Tutor, LSAT – Law School Tutor, Linear Algebra Tutor


College Of Engineering Pune
2017 – 2019

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