Ram S.

Chemistry Faculty @ Institute of Engineering and Technology

About Tutor: Ram S….

I am a qualified science tutor with 8 years of experience in online teaching. I started teaching science in 2002 and am currently teaching classes for graduate students, where I teach chemistry. My students enjoy their lesson as I encourage and motivate them by giving live examples to learn the subjects. I have a PhD in chemistry with specialization in electrochemistry, as well as a master’s degree in chemistry and a bachelor’s degree in science with subjects including chemistry, botany, and zoology. I have been teaching fundamentals and competitive concepts from last 18 years for school level, undergraduate, and graduate students. Teaching is my passion and I love teaching science and chemistry.

Tutoring Subjects

I can tutor: AP Chemistry Tutor, AP Environmental Science Tutor, Atmospheric Chemistry Tutor, Biochemistry Tutor, Biology Tutor, Cell Biology Tutor, Chemical Biology Tutor, Chemistry Tutor, Chemistry 1 Tutor, Chemistry 2 Tutor, Ecology Tutor, Electrochemistry Tutor, Elementary Science Tutor, Environmental Chemistry Tutor, Environmental Ethics Tutor, Environmental Management Tutor, Environmental Science Tutor, Food Science Tutor, General Academic Tutoring Tutor, Green Chemistry Tutor, Hydrogenation Tutor, IB Chemistry Tutor, Inorganic Chemistry Tutor, Kannada Tutor, Mixtures and Solutions Tutor, Plant Science Tutor, Polymer Chemistry Tutor, Polymer Science Tutor, Science Tutor, Science Studies/Science and Technology Studies Tutor, Secondary Education Tutor, Solids and Liquids Tutor, Surface Chemistry Tutor, Systems Biology Tutor, Test Preparation Tutor, Thermochemistry Tutor


Mangalore University
2004 – 2012


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