Nakul M.

Masters in Mathematics @ Indian Institute of Technology.

About Tutor: Nakul M….

I have a wealth of experience in theoretical studies of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, both in the United States and abroad. I am skilled in developing new theories and methods based on Mathematics and Physics, and implementing them through software applications in the natural sciences. In addition, I am an expert in symbolic and numerical computations. Furthermore, I have experience tutoring students in Algebra, Calculus and Statistics, as well as in Physics and General Chemistry. I have also taught and supervised students with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in the aforementioned fields.

Tutoring Subjects

I can tutor: Math tutor, Algebra tutor, AP Calculus AB tutor, AP Calculus BC tutor, Algebra 1 tutor, Algebra 2 tutor, Algebra 3 tutor, Analysis tutor, Associative Algebra tutor, Beginning Algebra tutor, Calculus tutor, College Algebra tutor, College Calculus tutor, Combinatorics tutor, Commutative Algebra tutor, Complex Analysis tutor, Complex Numbers tutor, Elementary Math tutor, Field Theory tutor, General Topology tutor, Graph Theory tutor, Group Theory tutor, Homological Algebra tutor, Linear Algebra tutor, Math tutor, Mathematical Logic tutor, Multilinear Algebra tutor, Multivariate Analysis tutor, Number Theory tutor, Ordinary Differential Equations tutor, Precalculus tutor, Real Analysis tutor, Representation Theory tutor, Ring Theory tutor, Secondary Math tutor, Set Theory tutor.


Indian Institute of Technology
2014 – 2016

Indian Institute of technology
2014 – 2016

Indian Institute of Technology Madras
2016 – 2020

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