Asha K.

Master , Certified Teacher, Educator and Tutoring for 7 Years , Academic Writer.

About Tutor: Asha K…..

Hello, I am Asha and I have been tutoring for the past 7 years. I started tutoring mathematics and science because I enjoyed it and I soon found that I was quite good at it. As a tutor, my focus is on helping students to understand difficult concepts and to see how they can be applied in the real world. I believe that this makes the material more accessible and easier to learn. I am especially skilled in the areas of mathematics and physics.

Tutoring Subjects

Science tutor, Physical Science Tutor, Physics Tutor, Basic Chemistry Tutor, Chemistry Tutor, Earth Science Tutor, Environmental Science Tutor, Organic Chemistry Tutor, Physical Chemistry Tutor, Physics (Electricity and Magnetism) Tutor, Physics (Fluid Mechanics) Tutor, Physics (Heat Transfer) Tutor, Physics (Newtonian Mechanics) Tutor, Physics (Thermodynamics) Tutor Math Tutor, Algebra Tutor, Partial Differential Equations Tutor, Differential Equations Tutor, Statistics Tutor, Calculus Tutor, Number Theory Tutor, Numerical Analysis Tutor, Basic Math Tutor, Pre-Algebra Tutor, Geometry Tutor, Trigonometry Tutor, Pre-Calculus Tutor, Applied Mathematics Tutor, Linear Algebra Tutor Professional Tutor, Education Tutor, Early Childhood Education Tutor, Social Work Tutor Humanities Tutor, English as a Second Language Tutor, Study Skills Tutor, Writing Tutor.


Jiwaji University
Master’s Degree
2011 – 2013

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